What to Expect

At Hebron our main gathering together is each Sunday at 11 am. At this Family orientated service we are reminded of the good news of Jesus as we hear from God’s word. We are led in worship by our band, we pray and we spend time getting to know each other over a cuppa. We feel the church should be like a family and that is often how visitors to our service and new people to our church describe us.

We believe it is important for the whole church to come together to be encouraged, to be reminded of God’s grace toward us and to be equipped and sent out on mission to reach our communities with the Gospel (the good news about Jesus Christ).

The whole family stay together for about half the time together then, if you have children,  during the talk we have various age specific groups where your children can go and learn about Jesus through Bible stories and other activities.

We believe God doesn’t judge by our outside appearance, but instead looks at what is in our heart and our response to him so we don’t have an expectation that you should dress in a certain way. Our gatherings are full of regular people and you will receive a warm welcome when you arrive.

Our meetings are laid-back and friendly and we try not to assume that people have been to church before. We are just happy that you would come and spend time with us. You don’t have to sing or pray, please just do much as you feel comfortable with. The person leading the service will explain why and when we do certain things e.g. singing, prayer.

We would love you to stay  for a cuppa and a biscuit (sometimes cake) after our service so we can get to know you. Our Family Service isn’t the only time we meet together. We love people to be a part of one of our Small Groups. These are groups that meet in various places on a Wednesday or Thursday and look at and discuss the passage from the Bible that was spoken about on the Sunday morning just gone.