sunday service

Sunday 19th July 2020


We hope you enjoy this week's service including welcome, prayer, worship songs, Bible reading, sermon and children's talk all in one place. There are questions to help you reflect on the sermon below, as well as the downloads for the children's talk plus a youth study from the Bible Project.

We hope you will be challenged, encouraged and blessed.

Happy Sunday.


To help you think about and reflect on the sermon here are a few questions...

How would you describe Jesus if someone asked you to?

What steps can we make practically to make sure Christ is being formed in us (Galatians 4v19)?


Take some time to think about the things or people that influence us more than they should and how we could make sure Jesus is in his rightful place.

Do you ever wish God would give you a different sign that he loved you or he was really in control or even real at all? Why do you think what he has already done is not enough?

young people and children's resources


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The Bible Project - The Holy Spirit

For this week’s video, throught and verses, we’re going to look at three moments in the Bible that show the Spirit of God at work in the world. As our world continues to live through the COVID-19 pandemic, it's difficult, as leaders debate how to move forward. And as followers of Jesus find themselves drawn into these issues, there’s no better time to remind ourselves of the work of God’s Spirit in the world.

In the storyline of the Bible, God’s Spirit is in the business of generating life and order out of dismal and chaotic situations. This usually takes place through Spirit-empowered people who live by God’s wisdom and see the needs of others. And there is no one who more perfectly displayed God’s life-giving wisdom than Jesus, who gave his life in an act of love, led by the Spirit. This is the same Spirit who is lives in Jesus’ followers today to help us carry on this life of servant-style love in our world today.

Bible Readings :

Genesis 2: 4-8

This is the story of the creation of the sky and the earth. When the Lord God first made the earth and the sky, 5 there were still no plants on the earth. Nothing was growing in the fields because the Lord God had not yet made it rain on the land. And there was no person to care for the ground, 6 but a mist would rise up from the earth and water all the ground.

7 Then the Lord God took dust from the ground and formed a man from it. He breathed the breath of life into the man’s nose, and the man became a living person. 8 Then the Lord God planted a garden in the east, in a place called Eden, and put the man he had formed into it. 9 The Lord God caused every beautiful tree and every tree that was good for food to grow out of the ground. In the middle of the garden, God put the tree that gives life and also the tree that gives the knowledge of good and evil.

Isaiah 11: 1-10

A new branch will grow
    from a stump of a tree;
so a new king will come
    from the family of Jesse.
2 The Spirit of the Lord will rest upon that king.
    The Spirit will give him wisdom and understanding, guidance and power.
    The Spirit will teach him to know and respect the Lord.
3 This king will be glad to obey the Lord.
He will not judge by the way things look
    or decide by what he hears.
4 But he will judge the poor honestly;
    he will be fair in his decisions for the poor people of the land.
At his command evil people will be punished,
    and by his words the wicked will be put to death.
5 Goodness and fairness will give him strength,
    like a belt around his waist.

6 Then wolves will live in peace with lambs,
    and leopards will lie down to rest with goats.
Calves, lions, and young bulls will eat together,
    and a little child will lead them.
7 Cows and bears will eat together in peace.
    Their young will lie down to rest together.
    Lions will eat hay as oxen do.
8 A baby will be able to play near a cobra’s hole,
    and a child will be able to put his hand into the nest of a poisonous snake.
9 They will not hurt or destroy each other
    on all my holy mountain,
because the earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord,
    as the sea is full of water.

10 At that time the new king from the family of Jesse will stand as a banner for all peoples. The nations will come together around him, and the place where he lives will be filled with glory.

John 13: 34-35

34 “I give you a new command: Love each other. You must love each other as I have loved you. 

35 All people will know that you are my followers if you love each other.”


The Spirit of God brings order where there was chaos. Is there any part of your life that feels a bit like that at the moment? Ask the Spirit to help bring some peace.


Where do you need wisdom in your life? Make some time to ask God’s Spirit to give you.

The verses in John are a challenge to love people in a way that shows we love Jesus, a way of loving which means we need God's help. Ask God to help you love people like this.